Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Letter to Washington

Dear Congressman/Senator ________________:

I see in news reports that there is great consternation on the hill over the financial industry.

Sorry, but you’re more than a decade late. You had your chance. You’ve been told over and over again that the house of cards was just that. You were content to ignore and even take advantage of the situation.

The people you turned into multi-millionaires were more than happy to help keep you in office all these years while the rest of us have been taken advantage of. Ordinary people funded the whole sordid mess with usurious interest rates and shockingly egregious fees and charges that created jobs and incomes for millions of ancillary company employees. The mutation sucked billions of dollars from people who thought they were supposed to own a home and did little more than lure them into paying more in interest than any other part of their budget.

Others have now lost whatever equity they may have had.

Now when the perpetrators of this scheme are whining you want our tax dollars to bail out the crooks you helped put in business? The chutzpah is staggeringly blatant.

It isn’t and never really was about the “American dream of home ownership.” It was the largest debt-creation and wealth-transfer scheme in the history of the world, and it naturally attracted those who knew how to take even further advantage and used their influence to keep the game going.

Now your creation has been exposed for what it really is and everyone who has anything to do with it is going to be running for cover and pointing fingers. That is if they’re still in the country.

And when the smoke clears and everybody who was on the inside breathes a sigh of relief that the Justice Department decided yet again to look the other way for 99.999% of the perpetrators, the lobbyists will take their checks and their marching orders and will go forth. The game will begin yet again.

Unless we all wake up and toss your sorry asses into the dustbin of political history.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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