Friday, July 25, 2008

Jerry Brown is "Shocked!" Yea, Right.

Is it their political position and isolation from the real world that causes Attorney’s General to make sudden discoveries of old news? Or are we just supposed to assume they are running a few years behind the rest of us when it comes to the Squaliformes operating, or even based, in their state?

After filing suit against Countrywide in June, California’s Attorney General Jerry Brown put on a new song and dance about Bank of America’s newly-owned company just last week – he was “shocked.”

Shocked? Yes: "These shocking new details provide further evidence of Countrywide's dangerous lending practices,” Brown said. He was so “shocked” that he added twenty new charges to the suit.

But what he didn't mention was his sister's position on the CW board.


In 2001, while Mayor of Oakland, referring to the “Don’t Borrow Trouble” educational program Brown said: “Predatory lending is a reprehensible practice. This educational campaign will equip Oaklanders to make better financial decisions.”

Guess what, Jerry - that was PR fluff that you and a bunch of politicians got roped into.

Back in March of 2007, Gareth Lacy, Brown’s spokesman, said the attorney general has an “active and open investigation” that’s a continuation of probes into predatory lending practices that began a couple of years ago – as in 2005. And now, here we are in 2008 and Jerry Brown is “shocked.”

Yea, right. On this side of the Pecos, we'd wire up the ol' 'lectric fence and wrap this allegedly shocked nimrod in it to let 'im find out what a real jolt is.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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I've had a WONDERFUL TIME reading your entries!!!

I'm so glad that as part of my profile I entered the word 'fraud' - only 46 of the bloggers entered that as a key interest, but I found your blog more easily because of the lack of interest (hmmmmm).

Anyway, you'll be on my regular reading list.

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