Monday, November 15, 2004

Note from the Clerk of the Court

[(The Clerk of the Court is in receipt of a communication from an alleged squaliforme-retained lawfirm suggesting the Honorable Judge Roy Bean is going too far in his public condemnation of their clients.

It is my duty to report for the public record that I have been instructed to advise that His Honor has not had an appropriate amount of time to digest the entire complaint, let alone bring his laughter under control.

There were a number of verbal outbursts related to the ancestry of the complainants, most of which were associated with what His Honor wished to be recorded about them. Be it known that this Clerk managed to prevail in vigorous oral argument to delete their absurdities and their names from the record - at least for the time being.

Something along the lines of "go $#*& yourselves" would seem to suffice.

The Clerk of the Court.)]

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