Tuesday, November 09, 2004


The squaliformes are led from the top of their own executive food chain.

Not only are they insulated from prosecution by their wealth and ability to amass legal expertise to guide them away from responsibility when things go wrong, they also like to display the image that they are plausibly ignorant about what their underlings do to victims.

The story is getting as old as the Emperor's New Clothes.

Attempting to blame a few rogue elements in an organization smells like garbage after a week in the sun.

Any executive with three operating brain cells could gain control of predatory lending elements or abusive practices in his or her company. It's nothing more than a matter of will. The evidence of how to treat people with respect and with honorable intentions dominates among reputable businesses led by men and women with truly honorable intentions.

The fact is, those who would be brought to trial and appear in this Court are led by executives who like to insulate themselves and the other members of their boards of directors from responsibility for inculcating a climate of make-the-numbers-no-matter-what all the way down into the customer-facing operations.

Here west of the Pecos they would be subject to logic and appropriate retribution for their collective greed and avarice at the expense of victims.

As it is, they rub shoulders with the financial elite and find ways to pass money around to influence the right politicians to not only maintain the quality of their hunting grounds, but to improve on their chances of not having to worry about justice.

But names are going to be named here. It is time for the public to find out more about the squaliformes dictators, leaders and down-in-the-depths wranglers. The list at the left of the blog will soon display a hall-of-shame of individual shark wranglers.

By the order of this Court, protection from public disdain is hereby lifted.

To the squaliformes leadership, your family, friends and neighbors are going to learn a lot more about you in the near future.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean.

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