Saturday, October 23, 2004

Recent Additions to the OSL

[(Note from the Clerk of the Court: His Honor is off today but ordered the following companies be added to the OSL Sleeping Watchdogs section forthwith:

Fitch Ratings
Moody's Investor Services
Standard and Poors.

The Clerk (thankfully) was not ordered to use the precise language his Honor used in depicting these buffoons. Better to simply say something along the lines of "... who supposedly are keeping an eye on some of the squaliformes," and let you use your imagination. In addition, "asleep" wasn't considered a strong enough descriptor, and his Honor's depiction is more tactfully explained by this Clerk as the raters being "in bed with" those being rated.

Please note the Clerk makes every effort to consider the tastefullness of his Honor's Orders when posting them but has only marginal influence on his Honor when he's writing for himself.)]

ps: And to our lurking vistitors from Kroll, his Honor asked specifically to remind you that he isn't the only one armed around here.

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