Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Because most of the squaliformes are national in scope their victims tend to not see where they can fight back right in their own towns, cities, counties and states. They also don't realize they're paying taxes to local governments that are doing business with companies who help fund (and in some cases even own) the predators.

Find out who your city, county and state governments do business with. Start with the treasurer's office and find out what companies and banks provide financial services.

Not much gets done around here in the way of public works projects without municipal bonds. You know those boring bond elections that only a few people care about? Those kinds of bonds are tax free so they attract investors who don't want to pay taxes. And behind them are guess what? INSURANCE companies who help the municipalities increase the value of their bond issues by guaranteeing them. So if the city fails (and some have), the investors don't lose their money in the bonds.

Hint, hint: A search on "municipal bond insurers" is a good place to start. Then match up their subsidiaries and you'll soon find the interrelationships. Then walk in to your next scheduled city council or county board meeting and let them know if they're using your tax dollars to do business with creditoris squaliformes. Particularly useful just before an election.

Not in my town!

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean.

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