Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another collection Squaliforme gets a slap on the wrist

So much for enforcement having any effect.

Richard and Peter Pinto along with Charles Harris run something called "Oxford Management Services" which to their victims is known as "Oxford Collection Agency."

All collection Squaliformes need an attorney, and Salvatore Spinelli, Esq., was caught in the FTC's net along with Oxford. Spinelli allegedly can't pay his half of the $2.12M penalty so it was suspended. The Pintos and Harris allegedly can't pay their half either, so the FTC let them off by suspending all but $225,000.

And while the FTC will supposedly be keeping an eye on Oxford, the typical abuses by other collectors will go on - in part because of settlements like this.

The "new" FTC just put up the surrender flag.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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