Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally, the holidays are over

With work and family schedules the months of November and December are almost impossible to conduct court business 'round these parts.

But obviously, that doesn't stop the scammers and squaliformes from working harder than ever, especially with all the doom and gloom hype from the media putting people in a panic.

The major networks and their kin need to take some responsibility for making this the greatest market ever for the promoters of scams - some of which are in the guise of stopping the squaliformes. In the mean time, the squaliformes are getting billions of tax dollars to keep their schemes in operation, supposedly to keep the economy afloat.

They are so powerful and so arrogant that they have pulled the strings of Congress to keep their seats at the gaming tables using OUR TAX DOLLARS and our children and grandchildren's financial futures.

As I have often said, their power is unchecked, and this maneuvering is simply another demonstration of the power they hold over Washington.

And while Washington dances to the tune of Wall Street, less and less attention will be paid to not only the known squaliformes in the financial services industry but the people who keep promoting utterly bogus quick-fixes for the victims of the lenders.

And the lenders are touting their own "self-preservation" loan modifications - more on that shortly, other than to say DON'T SIGN SOMETHING THAT TAKES AWAY YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS! They are using the loan mod programs to shield themselves from being held responsible for illegal acts against consumers.

And there's more to come on this utterly bogus maneuver to make bankruptcy the appropriate place to force lenders and servicers to modify loans - it's yet another way to cover their collective *sses.

In short, 2009 is going to be even worse for the typical, uninformed consumer and borrower, but court will be back in session soon.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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