Monday, August 07, 2006

Well, a hopeful message for borrowers – maybe

The Squaliformes' bought-and-paid-for congressional committee chair, Bob Ney has finally seen the light and won’t be running for reelection. Hopefully his pro-Squaliforme agenda will see less influence in the coming legislative sessions.

Amazingly, the blame is being put on the Abramoff scandal instead of the more devious but blatant efforts to undermine consumer protections at the behest of predatory lenders and servicers.

Abramoff pleaded guilty in January to federal corruption charges. Ney received gifts and other benefits in exchange for legislative action to benefit his clients, but unlike Abramoff, the lending industry’s massive campaign contributions and lobbyist's influence (including actually writing his legislative efforts) are seemingly above investigation.

At least there is some satisfaction in the public exposure that the Squaliformes knew quite well who they could effectively manipulate in their cultivation of Ney.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean


LiveLifeToTheFullest said...

hi, if you are really a Judge why would you be exposing all of these criminals. If you are, then you are propably one of the nicest Judges out there because the Judges in New Jersey are in on the Pressler and Pressler scam. As someone whose ancestors go back to the revolutionary war I am losing alot of faith in this country. I mean why is this happening. Why doesn't the U.S. government regulate the collection industry.

LiveLifeToTheFullest said...

If you are a Judge and taking a stand against the collection industry that is great. I don't understand why they don't regulate it.