Friday, September 16, 2005

More Experian Skullduggery

Experian's Metronet "File One Phone Search" Exposed

For $50.00 a month plus $0.35 per search, Experian customers will get unlisted and cellular numbers – and where do you suppose some of those come from?

Well, how about that toll-free number you call to “opt out” of the mailed offer deluge from the data brokers and credit card companies or to ask for your "free" credit report?

What people don’t realize is that calls to toll-free numbers (800, 866, 877) also include a data stream that includes the calling party number, even if you block your caller ID (different system). The Squaliformes are more than happy to correlate your SSAN with a phone number you call from and then sell it.

So much for paying the phone company for a supposedly “unlisted” number.

And if you think calling from your place of business or work is a good idea, think of all the Echeneidae Collectoris out there who would just love to know where you work and could care less about bending or breaking the law about contacting you there. Or at any number you just happened to use.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean