Thursday, March 17, 2005

Industry "experts" prove their arrogance

With all the noise about the leak-ridden consumer data brokers coming to light, one would think some bright bulb out there would have picked up on a connection this Court made.

News accounts indicate the folks at LexisNexis got hacked into. Well, that's not exactly the story. Turns out that notable squaliforme enabler ate one of it's more sinister siblings, Seisint in September of 2004.

And what's the connection?

Seisint is one of the companies behind the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange Program (MATRIX). In case you're wondering what that is, it was an outgrowth of a working group between the Feds and state law enforcement agencies.

It was Seisint that got hacked into. Some 32,000 people have had their private information stolen.

"Criminals found a way to compromise the logins and passwords of a handful of legitimate customers to get access to the database," said Kurt Sanford, the company's chief executive.
Well, that sounds like a reasonable explanation to the uniformed and unsuspicious, Mr. Sanford - but it's probably a well-crafted PR statement that falls short of actually admitting the entire consumer snooping industry is hiding more than they are revealing.

Seisint's "Accurint" database sells reports that have Social Security numbers, past addresses, dates of birth as well as voter registration (party affiliation) data. Supposedly, credit and medical records (which are also there) weren't accessed.

Now doesn't that just make us all feel safer?

Mr. Sanford belongs in jail, but the buffoons in Washington are bent on having 'big brother' in place under the guise of "anti-terrorism," so it's up to this Court (again).

Set one foot west of the Pecos, Sanford and you'll get to experience the hospitality of one of our jail cells.

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